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How does Home Check-In bring more joy to your travels?

And what it means to have the airport come to your doorstep.

Forward-thinking and innovation await when you step off the plane at Dubai International Airport and the experience starts right there, as you enter a space where aviation dreams become a reality.  

Yes, DXB is a hub that hustles and bustles. It boasts the largest airport terminal in the world, so a space that is busy, yet organised, ever-improving to make your travel experience quicker and slicker.  

There are gaps in travel though - particularly with reference to baggage. A recent IATA Global Passenger Survey shows that “51% would prefer to have their bag delivered directly to their final destination as long as they are able to track it.”  

The same research indicates that the areas that require most attention in travel are those of:  

  • Bag collection ,and
  • Self-Service Bag Drops  
DUBZ Service

It shows that passengers want digital, they want to be in control. They want to be informed. They value their time.

And this is where Dubai International is listening to you, the passenger! A world first in offering a home check-in service that checks your baggage straight through - from your hotel/home to your destination. A concept new to air travel, and something that is here to stay when you consider recent forecasts that by the year 2036 air passenger travel will have almost doubled to 7.8 billion!  

Now, cast yourself to your anticipated travel experience. You've enjoyed a balmy, sunshine holiday in the Emirates or a sophisticated business trip in the booming corporate world of the UAE, but it's all over and you're homeward bound. Alternatively, as a local, you may be jetting off, out of the city for business or pleasure. It’s time to get your trip arrangements underway.  



DUBZ brings the airport to you. A home-check-in service that is:  

  • cost-effective
  • time-saving
  • comfort maximising  

Picture not having the hassle of lugging your bags around the city, imagine skipping the queues at the airport.  

There is no avoiding that with the rapid growth of air travel, the queues at airports will only grow. It's time to go ahead and make the change in how you travel, starting with DUBZ. We’re here to literally take the load off you as well as the airport, a win-win for everyone. 

DUBZ Service

To tap into a few scenarios, using our services would mean:  

  • As a business traveller: There will be no need to drag your bags to the office if you’re flying out after work. DUBZ will collect your luggage from your home/hotel earlier in the day.

  • As a holidaymaker: Hotel check-outs are often early, you will no longer need to carry your luggage all over Dubai with you once you've checked out. DUBZ will collect your bags from your accommodation, you go and enjoy your last few hours in the city, hands-free.

  • As a mom or dad, travelling with children: You will be able to cut out the stresses of travelling with little ones by leaving the luggage logistics to us. DUBZ will collect your family’s luggage for you and check it straight through to your destination.

  • As an over-packer (after all that shopping!): Ditch worrying about your bags' weight and whether you will be unpacking and repacking at the airport check-in desk. (We’ve all been there!) DUBZ will weigh your luggage for you to ensure that you are not overweight or we can handle your overweight luggage for you there and then, just as you would do at the airport. 

  • As a traveller: You will avoid the queues at the airport. DUBZ will bring the airport to you enabling you to enter the airport terminal and head straight for security, immigration and boarding your flight.  

Our process is simple and easy and safe.  

  • Place a booking on our website DUBZ.com - define a pickup time and place.
  • An airport check-in agent and driver will meet you in a secure van at your house, hotel, office, the mall - you say it, we'll be there.
  • The airport agent will do his magic for you on his laptop - with exactly the same system as the airport with baggage tag printer, boarding pass printer and passport/ID scanner.
  • The check-in agent will, therefore, check you in, weigh and secure your luggage and hand over your boarding pass and baggage tag to you.
  • If needed, excess baggage will be handled and paid on the spot.
  • After the check-in process, the agent and driver will return to the airport and inject your baggage into the airport belt system where it will be loaded into your plane at the appropriate time.  
DUBZ Service

Note that we take security and safety super seriously. Your luggage is applied with tamper proof seals and our van is equipped with CCTV and electronic locks to avoid unauthorized access, to monitor the entire process. The movement of your bags is 100% trackable. 

We can't wait to welcome you to our Dubai. It is an amazing city! It’s stylish, it works! It's sleek, cool (perhaps not temperature wise, but we have enough air conditioning to keep you comfortable), impressive, glossy and organised (with beaches galore and shopping to die for). There is just so much one can pack into a visit, but with DUBZ, you’ll be able to squeeze in just a little more!  

Jump to the front of the queue, with DUBZ! Visit DUBZ.com  

PS We currently take care of home-check-ins for the following airlines. We continue to form partnerships, so please do keep checking back to see whether your airline has been added to our list.  

  • Flydubai
  • Saudia Airlines
  • flynas
  • Gulf Air
  • Kuwait Airlines
  • China Southern  

by Yolande Buys